Why Top Down Management Never Works!!!

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So, you get promoted to that management position that you’ve been waiting for. What do you do next? The worst thing you can do for your employee base is to become a top down supervisor. In this article I will cover some of the reasons why this is a bad idea.

First let’s start off by explaining what top down management is. With this particular style the manager directs all the work and sends it down the pipeline to the people underneath them to get handed out accordingly. The problem with this is nobody learns the actual skill needed to learn and perform their job functions. Here are a few reasons why this doesn’t work.

This style kills employee engagement

                Some of the major ingredients for an employee’s needs are money, the challenge and the sense of accomplishment. When you get to a point where an employee only comes in for money and that’s all then usually one of two things happen, either your employees starts to seek these things elsewhere of you get the type of employee that just punches a card. Now don’t get me wrong, if you are that type of employee than so be it but you usually get more accomplished when an employee believes in what they are doing and feels their input matters.


Who is there after you’re gone

                There has always been this fear that if you take the time to develop someone else, that at some point they will take your job. This is another thing that tends to happen with top down leadership, you worry so much about handing out orders that you forget about the other parts of your job. If you do not become a supervisor to develop and train others that you are doing your job wrong. This is usually the number one reason why jobs either hire from outside the company or hire people that have no clue what they are doing. Continued development should be a number on priority within your employees.  This creates a buy in within your employee as well as creates a more steady and beneficial work environment.

Top down management is the same as micromanagement

                You cannot list out functions for your employees to follow while talking to a customer. When you have a top down approach, you give your employees a list of instructions to follow while talking to a customer. This issue with this is you are unable to as somebody that is not there in that situation, judge the tension or the situation of the conversation. You should empower your employee with the ability to make a decision and genuinely solve the situation.


Can top down management be fixed? Of course, it can be, but it does not happen overnight. The first move would have to be to place your ego to the side. Be willing to include others into your decision making and not only that, implement some of these changes that are not just your idea. When trying to break away from this style, don’t always go straight to punishment if something doesn’t go right. Remember learning and education is a huge part of this and brainstorm different approaches. Trust me, it’ll be rocky at first but in the end, it will create a much better environment for both you and your emloyees!!!!



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