Should You get the Oculus Go?

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All virtual reality headsets pretty much appear to be identical, yet it’s solace that takes a need. You’ll look silly wearing the Oculus Go — the same as some other headset — yet the outline is smooth, and the dark shading plan gives it a cutting edge look. It has a tie that is like the more costly and better-known Oculus Rift, which helps keep the headset immovably set up, while likewise conveying the weight around your head. No outer equipment required, and no link hanging off the back of your head.

This is the VR headset you take with you on a plane, or for your children to appreciate with your supervision. It’s a full amusement framework, from diversion comfort with several titles to immersive top quality TV, you can carry with you anyplace.

Oculus Go is, from numerous points of view, the beginning of another period in virtual reality (VR). It’s an independent gadget, which means it’s at last cut the line from the PC expected to run it’s more established and all the more intense sibling, the Oculus Rift.

VR organizations are presently attempting to cut the cost down, endeavoring to make the VR headset “for the majority.” The Oculus Go is one of those items. It’s a VR headset that doesn’t require a cell phone, or any sort of outside PC to control it — otherwise called an independent VR headset — and it’s moderately economical at $200. Will the low sticker price tip over the normal customer into attempting VR? We invested some energy with the Oculus Go to discover. What follows is a brief overview of everything we know about the soon the launch headset.


The screen in VR headsets is critical. Regardless of how awesome alternate highlights of the headset are, if the display isn’t up to par, it appears. With a low resolution, you can easily see the pixels, while a low refresh rate can take out some of the realism of movement.

When you remove Oculus Go from the case, you have an inclination that you’re holding a gadget that expenses $199. Its plan is smooth and has some pleasant inconspicuous touches; the front panel is a slightly different shade of gray in certain lights, for example.

The straps are delicate and movable, though it’s always a bit awkward adjusting and cinching down a VR headset by yourself when you’re wearing it.


The Oculus Go dispatches in a to some degree fascinating atmosphere for virtual reality, at any rate as far as clients’ desires – with the medium still in its relative outset, what should clients anticipate from what’s being charged as a moderately reasonable section point to VR, particularly on the off chance that they’ve yet to attempt one of the expensive top of the line headsets?

The Oculus Go comes furnished with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor, which is Qualcomm’s lead chip for 2016. It’s a strong chip, though somewhat dated, however most applications and diversions performed fine and dandy.

While it might do not have the dev studio clout of Sony’s headset, we were stunned to find that it offered a practically identical ordeal to the PlayStation VR headset when the Go was pushed as far as possible.

The Oculus Go makes utilization of an “Introduction Only” development framework – at the end of the day, while you can turn your head and view a 360-degree world, and have your controller followed inside it, you can’t travel through the virtual space.

Battery life

Battery life is somewhat of a twofold edged sword for the Oculus Go. You’ll get around 2 hours of gaming from a 3-ish hour charge, or around 2.5 hours of video as indicated by Oculus’ guaranteed battery estimations, and that is pretty much in accordance with our experience.

In any case, in my testing of the headset, I discovered that number to depend vigorously on the sort of gaming you were doing and what the brilliance level of the show inside the headset was set to. On the off chance that you wind up perusing the web and viewing YouTube 360 recordings with the brilliance a little lower than normal, my tests found the headset battery will last more like 4.5 hours. In case you’re playing an outwardly exceptional amusement like Anshar Online with companions, the 2.5 hour assert from Oculus is just about right.

You may, be that as it may, discover those objectives missed in case you’re downloading loads of VR applications out of sight while utilizing the headset. Two hours of utilization against a three-hour charge may appear like a poor exchange, and it’ll be particularly perceptible if the headset is expected to be shared inside a family.

A few Things you can do with Oculus Go


Oculus as of late uncovered at that developers have the choice to push past the standard 60Hz to a 72Hz yield for the Go, and detailed new programmed execution administration tools to keep the headset’s CPU and GPU adjusted for greatest execution without overheating.

Oculus Go utilizes a solitary 2,560 × 1,440 show, utilizing a “quick switch LCD” as opposed to the OLED boards found on Rift and Samsung telephones intended for Gear VR. The headset highlights what Oculus have portrayed as their “people to come” Fresnel focal points, which increment the FOV above Gear VR to something more practically identical to the Rift, and are likewise said to lessen glare. The group likewise say they worked with Qualcomm to streamline a settled coveted rendering answer for advance execution picks up.

It may not look it but there’s hidden speakers built into the Go’s head strap, and a standard 3.5mm headphone jack can be utilized in the event that you need more private or higher-quality sound.

Oculus Go Specs?

The Go is worked around the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 SoC. On paper, this chip sits some place amidst the scope of Samsung cell phones that help Gear VR, however the Go is said to accomplish higher and more supported execution due to being a committed VR gadget, with unrivaled warm attributes that ought to maintain a strategic distance from the regular overheating issues of Gear VR gadgets.

Oculus Go Main Features

Screen 2560×1440 @ 72Hz
Lenses Custom Fresnel
FoV 101-degrees
SoC Snapdragon 821
Storage 32/64GB
Battery 2600mAh
Connectivity Wi-Fi
Audio Speakers/3.5mm jack
Weight 177grams
Price $199/$249

Truth be told, Oculus as of late uncovered at that designers have the choice to push past the standard 60Hz to a 72Hz yield for the Go, and nitty gritty new programmed execution administration instruments to keep the headset’s CPU and GPU adjusted for greatest execution without overheating.

Pros and Cons


  • Works without a telephone or PC
  • Low-key however strong equipment
  • Reasonable cost


  • Limited movement following
  • App biological community is as yet risky
  • Bulky and senseless looking — like each VR headset

Purchasing Guide

The Oculus Go is available in two capacities; 32GB for $199.99 and 64GB for $249.99, and since its brand new it is holding steady to that cost without any rebates or discounts.

The Verdict

Comfortable, convenient, wireless, and affordable, the independent Oculus Go speaks to a major advance forward in shopper VR. There isn’t a solitary executioner application or must-have diversion right now, however there are sufficient contributions in the Oculus Store to keep the VR shoppers, both gamers and non-gamers, bounty occupied.



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