Finally Watched Avengers and loved it

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Avengers: Infinity War

Main Cast: Robert Downey Jr., Josh Brolin, Chris Pratt, Chris Evans, Tom Holland, Benedict Cumberbatch, Scarlett Johansson

Directed by: Anthony Russo, Joe Russo

As the Avengers and their allies continue to save the universe from all sorts of evil. A new danger arrives from deep within the cosmos in the form of Thanos, a brute muscular guy with a notable chin who is in search of the six infinity stones which can give him unimaginable powers that no one would be able to encounter. Once he gains that power, Thanos plans to force his twisted will upon the universe. The film mainly revolves the Marvel heroes fighting against Thanos as they try to protect half the population of the universe from being annihilated

After countless Marvel superhero films, Avengers: Infinity War brings its viewers a film which ties together all the previous threads into one big storyline that combines the earth’s greatest superheroes with the Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, Black Panther and someone who was apparently supposed to be a villain but is surprisingly gaining internet support for his purpose, Thanos. Directors Anthony and Joe Russo have pulled off a stunner in what seemed like an impossible film to direct considering how the storyline was a sequel to numerous films with a combination of more than 20 superheroes working together to save the universe. One of the main reasons why the film has turned out to be a such a hit is because even in all the chaos that occurs in the film, each character gets their own screen time. The film manages to bring in all the main characters to have their moments distinctively, some more than others but regardless, no one gets left out of the action.

Moving on to the storyline, superhero films are mostly considered to make the fans feel emotions of happiness and excitement as they get to see their favorite heroes fight against evil and save the world however, in Infinity War’s case the feeling is very different. Through amazing directing skills and breath-taking strong performances by the cast, Avengers: Infinity War is a movie that is exciting, exhilarating, tragic, hilariously funny at times, and deadly serious. Of course, for one to enjoy the movie to its fullest, it is highly recommended that they watch all the previous ones as well otherwise, they would just end up sitting there like emotionless in a very intense cinema. Throughout its running time, the film largely focuses on how the Marvel characters have developed overtime. The integral aspects of the characters we’ve been following for a decade are clearly portrayed in the film. The consistent fans get to see how their favorite superheroes have been nurtured during the course of time both physically and mentally. The continuity also extends to our heroes’ personal lives as well, like how Tony Stark still struggles to find balance in his life and how Captain America is no more Captain America, and even going as far as displaying how Tony and Captain America are no more on talking terms after their previous encounter in The Avengers: Civil War.

Living up to its hype, one of the most notable aspects of Infinity War is the appearance of Thanos. The big-chinned purple galactic terrorist who travels from planet to planet, conquering them. Thanos can arguably be considered one of the most dangerous enemies throughout the series. Regardless, critics still argue that Thanos has been given more credit than he deserves and how previous villains like Hela from Thor: Ragnarok had a more dominating personality as a villain. In addition, critics also argue that the directors failed to give some of the characters their due spotlight such as Black Widow who barely had a couple of lines entitled to her whereas in contrast, Gamora was given too much unnecessary spotlight.

All in all, Infinity War is a film which has been directed and performed in the most beautiful manner. All the previous films lead up to this particular series which is guaranteed to make its viewers stick to their screens as they experience a wide range of emotions. Having said that, viewers can not forget the long and difficult road which took 10 years of patience to lead up to this film, giving them all the more reason to watch.



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