Deadpool 2, maybe sequels aren’t dead!!!!

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Deadpool-2-What-We-Know.jpgDeadpool 2

Main Cast: Ryan Reynolds, Josh Brolin, Brianna Hildebrand, Stefan Kapičić

Director: David Leitch

Deadpool 2 is the latest edition to the Deadpool series. This action-packed, superhero-comedy film continues the story from where it left off in its prequel. Deadpool can be seen living the dream life as he manages to reunite with his fiancée, Vanessa, with the addition of continuing his stable job as a full-time mercenary. His dream however, is cut short when a fellow mutant, Cable, travels from the future in order to kill a child who apparently has superpowers as well. The film revolves around Deadpool and his sidekicks trying to save the day once again whilst causing unnecessary bloodshed and destruction in the process.

Considering how Deadpool 2 has broken Infinity War’s record of most box office hits in a single day, one can safely assume that the film is no less than a masterpiece consisting of dark humour, vulgarity and cheap one-liners. Full of edgy humour, it is important to note here that the jokes, although offensive, do not come at the cost of controversial factors such as racism or sexism but instead, it targets those who are intolerant in terms of such factors. The film itself is a breath of fresh air compared to other superhero films. Unlike other superhero films, the only thing at stake is Wade Wilson’s sanity and self-respect: which has already hit rock bottom. We see how Deadpool becomes depressed after the murder of her fiancée but regardless of that, everyone at the cinema still manages to catch a glimpse of him flashing his genitals at the audience. Much of the credit also goes to David Leitch for making the audience laugh their heads off. Leitch, after being appointed as the official director of Deadpool 2, had a huge responsibility of carrying on the legacy of its prequel which he successfully managed to do so. Past experiences state that sequels to a film are less likely to surpass their predecessors but not in Deadpool’s case as Leitch, through his efforts, made sure that the film would live up to its hype.

Moving on to the cast, similar to how Robert Downey Jr. and Hugh Jackman have established themselves as Iron Man and Wolverine, respectively in the hearts of many, Ryan Reynolds has unarguably cemented his persona into the Deadpool character. Considering how perfectly he has executed his role as Deadpool, one can even say that Ryan was born to play this role. The whole film basically revolves around Reynold’s iconic performance and wittiness which keeps the viewers glued to their screens, laughing their pants off and wanting even more! More importantly, Leitch also gets the credit for keeping the cast diverse and empowered at the very same time. Domino (Zazie Beetz), a woman belonging to a different ethnicity, can be seen as one of the most powerful mutants who helps Deadpool in numerous battles. In addition, when Nagasonic openly admits in the film that she is homosexual, no such jokes or insults are hurled at her which pretty much shows how the movie is a step towards progressiveness for an open society.

Despite breaking box office records by earning over $300 million, the film has, more or less, been criticized for its insensitive humour. Critics argue that Deadpool 2, similar to its predecessor, has tried to hide its terrible humour behind vulgar language. There is no real humour involved, just an obnoxious character who tries to follow the ignorant complex plot of the film by throwing irrelevant punchlines at any given situation. Speaking of which, the plot of the film has also been argued to be redundant with tragedy hitting Deadpool, the remaining X-Men being used as his sidekicks and saving the day by killing countless random extra characters while cracking punchlines at them to make it seem like it is humorous.

Overall, Deadpool 2 is one of those very rare sequels which have surpassed their previous versions. In a world full of sadness and tragedy, we all deserve a refreshing film like this to divert our minds for a little while as we laugh out loud uncontrollably. Entertaining, refreshing, and downright hilarious, the film has it all!


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